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Défi Inter Alliances

Défi Inter Alliances

Félicitations to our local winner, Anne, who will represent AF Brisbane and Australia at the international round!

France eMotion

France eMotion is a virtual tour of France and is the result of a long artistic tradition, inspiring artists and photographers all over the world who have described and captured these landscapes.

Le Book Club

Le Book Club meets on a Friday once a month between 6.00pm and 7.45pm to discuss our opinions on the assigned book openly in a very friendly and informal atmosphere... tout en français! 

Culture chez vous

Find free resources for all ages to learn, entertain and discover new horizons.

Wine Tastings

We're continuing our adventures to give our tastebuds new challenges, expand our knowledge and even brush up on our geography!

Le Story Time

Story Time is currently on pause. Children love the rhythm and poetic feel of French storytelling and look on wide-eyed at the colourful illustrations featured in our stories, most of them from the French repertoire. 

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