Alliance Française Worldwide

The Alliance Francaise is a Global network of 834 French Language and Cultural Centres in 131 countries around the world. It is part of the French Government's cultural network: Cultural Services of French Embassies / Institut Français / Alliance Française.

The Alliance Française's mission is threefold:

Teaching French language around the world
Promoting the culture of French-speaking countries
Encouraging cultural diversity.

Each Alliance Française is a not-for-profit society, operated under local legislation and is managed by a Board of Directors elected among the members of the association.

The Alliance Française network in Australia is made up of 30 branches.

The network of Alliances Françaises in Australia

These six capital Alliances are managed by French expatriates seconded from the Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires Etrangères (French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs).







There are also 24 regional Alliances administered by committees made up of volunteers. The majority of them are located along the eastern and southern coasts, with the exception of AF Darwin in the Northern Territory.

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