An internationally recognised level progression

What is the CEFRL?

Created by the Council of Europe, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has become the most widely accepted international reference for teaching and learning European languages and for the assessment of language proficiency.

The CEFRL sets clear standards to be attained at successive stages of learning and for evaluating outcomes in an internationally comparable manner.

Basic User



50 hours



100 hours


Upper Elementary

250 hours

Independent user



400 hours


Upper Intermediate

600 hours

Competent user



800 hours



1000 hours

*    For children aged 8 to 12yo only
**  For adults only

Each level in the CEFRL describes what a learner is supposed to be capable of in terms of reading, listening, speaking and writing. The CEFRL uses can do descriptors for language acquisition.

Our level progression and teaching philosophy are in line with the recommendations and guidelines of the CEFRL.

The level progression and language acquisition of each student is confirmed by a certificate, issued by the Alliance Française de Brisbane, at the completion of each broad level of the CEFRL.

Students are also encouraged to take the DELF (A1.1 to B2 levels)   and DALF tests (C1 and C2 levels). These diplomas are issued by the French Ministry of Education, and can be taken twice a year at the Alliance, which is an official examination centre. The DELF and DALF diplomas are internationally recognised, having been designed and approved by the French Department of Education.

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