Les Grands - 7 to 11 years old

  • 2 hours per week for 8 weeks -16 hours per term OR 1h15 per week over 8 weeks - 10 hours
  • $345 or $245 
  • 12 children maximum
  • 3 big levels: A1.1 (Basic 1 to  6) - A1 (Elementary 1 to 6) - A2 (Upper Elementary 1 to 6)

Children will learn French in a fun, yet structured manner. They will be introduced to a textbook which they will progress through all year round. The book covers a variety of themes including school and social activities, birthdays, food and animals. It also allows them to build on their grammar and vocabulary. Children will also participate in class discussions, where more complex sentence structures are introduced and everyday vocabulary is utilised.

If you wish to learn French at the same time as your child, please register you interest for a  French for parents class here.

Les Loustics aims at 7-11yo learners of French. It offers a fun, motivating and reassuring approach to the French language over 3 levels (A1.1, A1 and A2). This colourful and beautifully illustrated method including stickers appeals to the children’s eyes and interests!

The students will follow the steps of an endearing Parisian family. The common themes and structures are developed enabling the students to speak about their immediate environment and interests. Through songs and recordings the children will train their ear to the music of French and will be encouraged to produce their own segments. The method promotes a very interactive approach to French learning conveying a cultural opening onto the French speaking world. It provides hands-on and cross-curricular activities that encourage the students to act French and conduct concrete projects adding depth and richness to their learning.

For more information, contact Claire:
> Email: claire@afbrisbane.com
or  info@afbrisbane.com
> Phone: (07) 3844 4460

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