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Embark on or pursue your French journey and bring more éclat to your career and social life
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Standard Courses - Once a week

You’re becoming more and more independent with your French every day! Upper Elementary 3 explores language relevant to both the professional and personal spheres. You'll learn how to nail a job interview by answering formal questions and talking about your professional experience (J'ai obtenu un emploi dans cette compagnie en 2017). You'll also discuss film and TV series (Les séries françaises sont vraiment fantastiques!), describe cultural events (Ce que j'aime à la fête de la Musique, c'est la découverte de l'inconnu!) and learn to answer and interpret a survey about cultural habits. What's more, you'll improve your conversation skills by learning to ask for explanations (Pourquoi aimes-tu tellement les croissants?), expresss a judgement, and give advice (Tu devrais étudier un petit peu tous les jours).
This course is designed for students who have completed Upper Elementary 2 or who have been assessed prior to enrolling.
Required textbook: Cosmopolite 2



Standard Courses - Once a week

You're going strong on your French journey so far, let's keep this momentum going! Intermediate 4 uses the theme of the environment and sustainability to explore new language structures and vocabulary. You will talk about sustainable development and community relationships (Comment se confronter aux problèmes de voisinage?), express approval and reservations (C’est une idée intelligente, mais difficile à mettre en place) and debate a controversial subject. You’ll also learn to discuss ecogestures (Je trie mes déchets) and convince someone to take action (Soyez le changement que vous voulez voir!).
This course is designed for students who have completed Intermediate 3 or who have been assessed prior to enrolling.
Required textbook: Cosmopolite 3
Recommended textbook: Grammaire Progressive - Intermediaire (+ Answer book)

Learn French with the News - B1

Standard Courses - Once a week

Learn French with France’s number one news source!

In this interactive media course, you will improve your listening, conversation, and writing skills by watching news clips from TV5MONDE, the leading French TV channel in the world. This course is perfect for you if you would like to discover French-speaking media and boost your language skills using real-world sources. You will explore topics such as current events, history, pop culture, and more, all while sharpening your French.

In class, we’ll address questions such as:

  • How do French media portray world events?
  • What are the sentence structures and grammatical points used in news excerpts?
  • How can you use these linguistic topics to improve your speaking skills?


Standard Courses - Once a week

At this point in your journey, you’re ready to dive deep into fascinating conversations! Focusing on the theme of society and social issues, Upper Intermediate 5 will help you express yourself in even more nuanced ways. You will discuss public health in different countries, and take a closer look at the use of gender in the French language. You’ll also practise using subjunctive clauses (Je suis contente que mon professeur m’ait bien expliqué le subjonctif!) as well as the passive voice (Le match a été annulé par le club de football). You’ll also discuss cultural phenomenons including politics and sports, and give nuanced comparisons (Les jeunes communiquent de plus en plus sur les réseaux sociaux).
This course is designed for students who have completed Upper Intermediate 4 or who have been assessed prior to enrolling.
Required textbook: Cosmopolite 4
Recommended textbook: Grammaire Progressive - Avancé (+ Answer book)

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