Moulin Rouge: The Cabaret that Took Over the World

French Cancan & panel discussion

Enjoy a cultural and entertaining evening with a masterpiece of French Cinema followed by a panel discussion and a glass of wine
to learn about the iconic Moulin Rouge, through 
Jean Renoir on May 12th, 2023 - 5.45pm at

Film School
directed by Jean Renoir and released in 1955, tells the story of a dance hall in Montmartre, and its owner's attempts to revive the cancan

The movie features stunning performances and beautiful cinematography that capture the essence of the Moulin Rouge and its iconic dance
style. The famous cabaret, located in Montmartre, Paris, is widely known as the birthplace of the cancan dance, which became a
symbol of the city's bohemian culture in the late 19th century. This dance style quickly gained popularity and turned into a symbol of
French entertainment, spreading throughout the world and becoming part of a worldwide culture.

The panel discussion following the movie screening will provide a unique opportunity to hear from experts and industry professionals who
will share their insights into the cultural and historical significance of the Moulin Rouge. You will understand how this iconic
institution has and still continues to inspire artistic creation of all forms (dancing, painting, cinema, musicals, etc), and how its
legacy continues to hold a major influence in popular culture. The conversation will then keep going around a friendly glass of French wine
for the pleasure of all Francophiles and cinephiles.

Book now as the seating is limited for this one-off special event!

This screening and discussion evening is made possible thanks to the kind support of the French Embassy in Australia. 

The event is strictly limited to ages 18+

When coming for the event at Griffith Film School, please enter through the red door on Dock street.

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