Perfume masterclass

The Powder Room Perfume Masterclass is a unique insight into the world of perfume. Conducted by Samantha Taylor, director of The Powder Room, it gives guests a glimpse inside this very intriguing industry.

Guests will have an opportunity to discover raw materials, the building blocks of perfume as well as learn about the history of perfume and how it is created. Guests will learn how to write a basic perfume formula and be able to create their own fragrance using the Olfactorium®, a mini perfumer’s organ with the finest raw materials from leading perfume suppliers in Europe. 


Samantha has worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years and for the past 16 years has specialised in artisan perfume. Samantha travels Australia hosting perfume masterclasses to educate people about the art of perfumery and creates fragrance for fashion brands and sensory branding. Having worked with prestigious companies such as Penhaligons, Miller Harris, Floris and L’Occitane in Australia and Europe, Samantha is considered one of Australia’s foremost fragrance experts and is often sought out for expert commentary in leading publications and invited to speak at events. In March 2014, Samantha was appointed as the Australian licensee for Cinquieme Sens, the global leader in perfumery training. Based in Paris, Cinquieme Sens has worked with the leading perfume houses such as Chanel, Parfums Dior, Guerlain and Hermés. Working with Cinquieme Sens gives Samantha access to a global network of perfume professionals and materials direct from the home of perfumery, France.
Please contact Samantha Taylor for further details. | 0422 351 611

This workshop will cover:

  • History of perfume, focussing on France
  • Who wore perfume throughout history, including French historical figures
  • Perfumers training and how they create perfume
  • Fragrance families – demonstrate with example of each
  • Synthetic versus Natural materials
  • Discuss origins of raw materials and guests have an opportunity to smell some examples
  • Fragrance wardrobe – Different fragrance for different seasons and occasions.
  • How to chose a fragrance that suits
  • How to wear and store perfume
  • Perfume creation. Guests will take home a small bottle of their creation.
  • Discover French perfume brands Samantha has purchased on her travels in Grasse and Paris


MASTERCLASS information

Saturday 14 December 2019 | 10am to midday

Alliance Francaise de Brisbane, 262 Montague Road, West End, 4101

Price: $195 per person.

This is an exclusive masterclass with limited spots. MASTERCLASS HELD IN ENGLISH.


On the same day Alliance Francaise is hosting a Christmas Market!

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