Le mois du documentaire

In November, we celebrate documentaries with more than 3,300 films being shown in France and around the world.

Alliance Francaise de Brisbane is happy to present three events around the genre.  

Rencontre avec Claudia Imbert

We are delighted to welcome Claudia Imbert for a discussion around her next project.

Film project in North Queensland
The Morning Glory

Claudia Imbert will come to talk to us about her documentary work in progress on the cloud "Morning Glory". The Morning Glory cloud is a rare meteorological phenomenon consisting of a low-level atmospheric solitary wave and associated cloud. Pilotes, scientists indigenous communities and climate enthusiasts gather every year in the Burketown region to witness this incredible event.

What: Presentation and Q&A with Claudia Imbert
When: Friday 1 November - 6pm to 7pm
Where: Alliance Francaise, 262 Montague Road, West End
FREE Event - Booking required

Film Projection

La sociologue et l'ourson

Synopsis:  From September 2012 to May 2013, France is inflamed in the dispute over the Marriage Equality Law. Throughout these nine months of legislative gestation, sociologist Irène Théry recounts the stakes of the debate to her son. From these stories comes the birth of the cinema of teddy bears, toys, pieces of cardboard. An intimate portrait and national drama, this film allows us to rediscover what we all thought we perfectly knew: family.

Watch trailer

VFST - 78 mins
When: Friday 15 November at 6pm
Where: Alliance Francaise, 262 Montague Road, West End
FREE event - Booking required

In conversation + film: BETWEEN FENCES

Between Fences
 2016 follows African asylum seekers held in the Negev Refugee Centre in Israel. Through a theatre workshop, the participants question the status of refugees, and ask what has compelled them to leave everything behind and plunge into the unknown. The film will be preceded by a discussion between Professor Alison Levine (University of Virginia) and Emeritus Professor Catherine Wihtol De Wenden (Sciences Po, Paris) about The represnetation of refugees and asylum seekers in documentary film. Held in conjunction with ‘Crossing Boundaries: Language, Culture and Migration Symposium’, School of Languages and Cultures University of Queensland. Co-funded by the French Embassy and Alliance Française as part of the 'French Australian Conversations' initiative.

Between Fences 
is classified as Ages 18+. 

When: Wednesday 27 November at 6pm
Where: GOMA, South Brisbane
FREE Event - No Booking Required
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