A Journey Through French Cinema

Alliance Française is partnering with the Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA to bring you a screening of the 2016 film Voyage à travers le cinéma français / A Journey Through French Cinema. This free event will include a panel discussion followed by a screening of the film.

A Journey Through French Cinema is both a personal odyssey and a mesmerising exploration, where Tavernier, with his intimate knowledge and boundless admiration, guides us through a handpicked selection of films and filmmakers that have shaped his own love for film.

This sweeping chronicle is not just a historical account but a heartfelt letter to the art form, filled with Tavernier's intimate recollections and critical insights. It is an invitation to experience the enduring spirit, the emotional resonance, and the raw power of French cinema.

Embark on this journey through the heart of French cinema, and emerge with a newfound understanding and appreciation for directors and actors who continue to enchant and inspire audiences around the globe. The perfect prologue to the highly anticipated Alliance Française French Film Festival!



The Australian Cinémathèque at GOMA
Stanley Place, South Brisbane


Panel discussion: 1 hour
Film screening: 190 minutes

Film presented in French with English subtitles.

Panel discussion:

Before the lights dim, enjoy a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring Sophie Hopmeier (Australian Cinémathèque), Dr. Joe Hardwick (UQ), Professor Herman van Eyken (Griffith Film School), and Ruari Elkington (QUT).

They will discuss France's profound contributions to the world of cinema, sharing personal reflections and scholarly insights into the nation's film history and the indelible impact of its filmmakers and films. The dialogue will span from the early days of French cinema to its evolution and current global influence, setting the stage for a deeper appreciation of Tavernier's documentary.

Film Synopsis by Bertrand Tavernier:

This work as a citizen and a spy, as an explorer and a painter, as a columnist and an adventurer that has been described so well by many authors, from Casanova to Gilles Perrault, is a beautiful definition of a filmmaker that we want to apply to Renoir, Becker, to the Vigo of L'Atlante, to Duvivier, as well as to Truffaut and Demy. To Max Ophuls and also to Bresson. And to these lesser known filmmakers, Grangier, Gréville, or Sacha, whom through a scene or a film, illuminate an emotion, reveal surprising truths. I would like this film to be an act of gratitude to all the filmmakers, scriptwriters, actors, and musicians who suddenly appeared in my life. Memory warms us up: this film is a bit of coal for winter nights.

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