2019 WORKSHOPS - Les Ateliers

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Are you planning a trip to France? Try our dedicated fun and affordable French For Travel course!

You will learn the basics of French with a focus on phrases needed while travelling
and get a good insight of the French customs and culture.

Tue 10:00 AM–12:00 PM | 05/02-26/03 (8 wks.) | $378

Thu 06:10-08:10 PM | 07/02-28/03 (8 wks.) | $378

French cinema | use films to speak like the french

Work with recent French films to improve your core language skills, specially your understanding
and ability to speak like a French person. Learn about language but also today's French culture and society.
Be ready for the French film Festival 2019!

For B1/B2 students.

Wed 12:30–02:30 PM | 20/02-20/03 (5 wks.) | $225

Wed 05:00-07:00 PM | 20/02-27/03 (5 wks.) | $225

French for families


Interactive and fun activities to get you speaking in French with your baby.
You'll learn some French for yourself too, though it's mostly about teaching your baby!

Some French required (not for beginners)

Click HERE to enrol.

french for parents | learn some useful french for your next family trip

Learn some French for yourself while your child is in class. 

Some or no French required (for beginners)

Click HERE to enrol. 

FRENCH Language | Grammar, vocab and how to learn

Learn how useful it can be to understand grammatical concepts better but also to focus on new vocabulary
while being taught the best way to learn and improve all your core language skills.

Beginners A1/A2 | Tue 01:00-01:45 PM OR Thu 05:15 - 06:00 PM | 05/02-07/03 (5 wks.) | $97

High A2/ Int. B1 Listening | Tue 05:15–06:00 PM OR Wed 12:30 – 01:15 PM | 05/02-06/03 (5 wks.) | $97

Intermediates B1 | Wed 05:00 – 06:00 PM OR Thu 12:30 – 1:30 PM | 06/02-28/03 (8 wks.) | $195

Advanced B2/C1 | Tue 05:15 – 06:00 PM OR Wed 12:30 – 01:15 PM | 12/03-10/04 (5 wks.) | $97


parlons français!

A conversation class to maintain your level, refresh, improve and consolidate
your speaking skills while having fun and making friends.
Enhance your speaking and gain confidence.

Beginners A1/A2 Tue 01:00-01:45 PM OR Thu 05:15-06:00 PM | 12/03-11/04 (5 wks.) | $97

High Beginner A2/Intermediate B1 Thu 01:45–02:30 PM | 07/02-28/03 (8 wks.) | $123

Intermediate B1/B2 Mon 10:00 AM-12:00 PM OR Wed 06:10-08:10 PM  | 04/02-27/03 (8 wks.) | $327

Advanced B2/C1 Fri 12:30-02:30 PM | 08/02-29/03 (8 wks.) | $327

CONVERSATION & CROISSANT | affordable speaking class

ou comment bien démarrer le week-end

Practise your French-speaking  skills with a coffee and a croissant (incl.) on Saturday mornings.
Great atmosphere and a perfect way to start the weekend!

Click HERE for a start in February.
Click HERE for a start in March.

LANGUE & CULTURE | advanced B2/C1

pour les avancés

Topics vary each term and are adjusted according to students' needs and interests.

Class activities include the use of different resources from texts to videos to trigger
interesting conversations on topics ranging from current affairs and the arts to contemporary French culture.

Fluency required.

Tuesday OR Wednesday OR Friday 09:30 AM – 12:00 PM | 05/02-12/04 (10 wks.) | $495

Tuesday 06:10 - 08:10 PM | 05/02-09/04 (10 wks.) | $430

Saturday 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM | 09/02-13/04 (10 wks.) | $495       

DELF & DALF | French language examinations

Get ready for the DELF B2 or the DALF C1 in June 2019. Excellent to really improve and perfect your advanced French.

Click HERE for DELF B2.
Click HERE for DALF C1.


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