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The Alliance Française opens a new library section devoted to New Caledonia

With support from the New Caledonian Government  and CREIPAC, the Alliance Francaise de Brisbane is pleased to announce the opening of a new section in our Resource Centre dedicated entirely to New Caledonia: “L’Espace Nouvelle Calédonie”.

New Caledonia is so close to Brisbane that made perfect sense for us to promote our francophone neighbour. Brisbanites deserve the opportunity to learn more about this beautiful country and the wonderful cultural exchanges it has on offer.

Our New Caledonia section features 170 brand new French books  for Adults and Children alike, spanning a broad range of genres including fiction, novels, comics and art.

These books are now available as part of our library for all AF members.

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  • Testimonial
    Louise B.

    I love everything about AF!  It's been so much fun I really look forward to my lesson each week. The teachers are fabulous, and it's a real community feel. The annual French Festival is très fabuleux too.

  • Testimonial

    Learning at AF?
    It’s culturally immersing yourself in all things French – it’s like stepping inside a mini France when we’re there!

  • Testimonial

    After 5 months at Alliance, I  know more than I did after 4 years of French at school. It's interesting and challenging. The teachers are very helpful and understanding. I really look forward to my weekly classes!

  • Testimonial

    Alliance Francaise is a wonderful cultural organisation and my French teacher is great!

  • Testimonial

    I look forward to each class and expect to continue. Friendly atmosphere and excellent methods of teaching and learning.

  • Testimonial

    The classes are very practical and I enjoy the interesting subject matter!

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