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Salut! I’m Kwame, a UQ student and Alliance Française volunteer, and these are my top five most anticipated films I can’t wait to see at the French Film Festival:

  • Matthias & Maxime: I have actually already seen this film but I will not hesitate to see it again, and again. Quebecois superstar Xavier Dolan once again showcases his unparalleled creative talent, as both an actor and a director, in this romantic comedy drama. Serious themes of intimacy, repressed sexuality and family discord play out between moments of heart-gripping emotional tension and light-hearted laughs. As always, Dolan’s latest oeuvre is a visual masterpiece. Oh and the young sister, the director of the film within the film, is without a doubt an icon of a generation.

  • Les Misérables: : This politically-charged police drama took out the prestigious Special Jury Prize at Cannes last year, and for good reason. Watching the trailer was enough to set the heart racing. This films follows in the footsteps of Matthieu Kassovitz’s masterpiece La Haine, my all-time favourite French film. I am extremely excited to see how Ladj Ly takes on the France’s perennial tension between protestor and police, a pertinent issue to this day. 

  • Invisibles (Les Invisibles): This film explores the heart-wrenching topic of homelessness through the eyes of real women with real stories from the streets. However, this film looks at this daunting and confronting issue through rose-tinted glasses. I cannot wait to see how director Louis-Julien Petit turns these women’s lives from struggle and sadness into laughter and light-heartedness on the big screen!

  • A Brother’s Love (La Femme de Mon Frère):  Mona Chokri tries her hand as a director after years of excellent performances as one of Quebec’s most promising actresses. Notable for her leading roles in two of Xavier Dolan’s films, Chokri infuses A Brother’s Love with some of the key cinematographic qualities which make her contemporary’s films so likeable. This cute and colourful comedy drama is surely set to be one of the hits of the film festival!

  • Deerskin (Le Daim): A man’s obsession with his designer deerskin jacket drives him to blow his life savings and turn to a life of crime. A bizarre and quirky combination of comedy and horror, Deerskin looks like be a wild ride through the rarely-explored absurdist and surrealist fringes of French cinema.

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