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I don't speak any French, what class should I enrol in?

You should enrol in any Elementary 1 class level or in a French for Travel class level.

I speak some French / I speak good French, what class should I enrol in? Do I need to take the placement test?

The best way to place you in the right class in terms of level, is to call us on 3844 4460 and/ or to take the Online placement test. If you speak a little bit of French you need to take the online placement test or call us. In order for you to have the best experience and for you to enjoy the French experience with us; it is important that you are placed in the level that best matches skills and needs from the very start.


Yes we do! We offer classes on Zoom for different levels including beginners.

Is it important to be tech-savvy for the classes on Zoom?

No it is not. We will provide the help you need and guide you through the process.

What is the difference between Elementary 1 and French for travel?

The difference is that Elementary 1 belongs to our standard courses stream, which teach general French, while the French for travellers' class is perfect to learn phrases or basics just before a trip to France. The level though, is the same. They are both designed for beginners with little to no French language experience.

I know some French, but I feel that I should go back to the very first level, should I enrol in Elementary 1?

It really depends on each individual and you may remember more (or less) than you think. Self-assessing your language skills in a foreign language can be tricky ; this is why we recommend that you call us on 3844 4460 to have your French assessed. If you feel more comfortable going back to the 1st level, you are welcome to do so.

I read on your website that you offer different types of courses such as: standard courses, regular workshops, and holiday workshops. What is the difference between them ?

I just want to learn a bit of French before my trip, what course do you recommend?

I want to be able to get by in French in most everyday situations; how long will this take?

I want to become fluent in French; how long will it take?

If you start at the beginning and learn in a classroom situation it will take at least 400 hours of learning. If you already have some French or will be going to France for a while it can be much faster. Exposure is key when it comes to language learning.

I need to improve my speaking skills, what can I do?

Any class will help you to achieve this, however you can refer to our holiday workshop programs, as we offer classes that specifically focus on skills such as speaking and pronunciation.


Place It depends on the type of course you enrol in:

Standard courses use different textbooks, please check the timetable. 
When you purchase a course on the website the textbook will be automatically added to your cart. If you already have the books, you can remove them from your cart.  If you are In doubt, check the level progression or timetable to find out which book is required for your course.


Pen and Paper are necessary, as well as a positive attitude! : )


We issue certificates of level completion upon request. Please be sure to ask us if you would like to have one.



AF Members receive a minimum discount of 5% all year round on courses, products and services and a 10% discount on textbooks. Members can also benefit from a 10% discount when they enrol by the early bird deadline. You also get a discount with all our partners and can borrow from our extensive library in West End as well as join the online media centre: Culturethèque.


My child has no French. Which class should I enrol them in?

They are 18 months-3 yo: any Les Tout-Petits class
They are 3-6 yo: any
Les Petits class.
They are 7-11 yo: any
Les Grands Basic 1 class.
They are 12-14 yo: any
Les Pré-Ados Elementary 1 class.
They are 15-17 yo: any
Les Ados Elementary 1 class.

My child speaks some/very good French. Which class should I enrol them in?

The best way to place your child in the right class is to contact the course coordinator (claire@afbrisbane.com) or to call us on 3844 4460. Teens can also take the online placement test. Claire will either assess your child over the phone or, alternatively, arrange an appointment for your child to be assessed at Alliance Française.

We do offer classes for 5 to 7 yo and 8 to 11 yo French-speaking children.

We also can organise private tuition to cater for their specific needs.

How many children are there in a class?

Les Tout-Petits (18 months-3 yo): up to 8 children.
Les Petits (3-6 yo): up to 12 children.          
Les Grands (7-11 yo): up to 12 children.
Les Pré-Ados (12-14 yo): up to 14 children.
Les Ados (15-17 yo): up to 14 children.

On average there are 7 children per class which ensures children can take turns to play, speak and receive feedback.

Can my child try one class?

Yes! You as a parent are more than welcome to join in for that trial class too. You will then pay for that class if you decide to enrol your child. 

Can we bring a friend?

Yes, provided that there are seats in the class. Please advise reception a few days before the class.

Will I need to purchase books for my child's course?

It depends on the type of course you enrol in.
Les Tout-Petits and Les Ados on Wednesdays courses do not require any books.
Les Petits receive 2 story books (not in schools).
A language set (textbook, exercise book and CD) is required for
Les Grands, Les Pré-Ados and Les Ados courses. It is automatically added to your shopping cart. If you already have the books, you can remove them from your cart.

Do I need to purchase a membership of the Alliance for my child to join a course?

We strongly recommend that you join the Alliance but this is not necessary. If you intend to study more than one term, then you should definitely purchase the membership as it will save you money! Please check our membership page for prices, discounts, advantages and exclusive offers for members.

Are the teachers blue card holders?

Yes. All of our tutors teaching kids are blue-card holders. They are trained and have experience teaching children. The coordinator visits their classes to make sure their teaching is at the highest level. Positive teaching in a friendly environment is their mission.

Is the whole class taught in French?

What is better than immersion to learn a language? Our teachers speak as much French as possible in the classroom. However, they will use English to make sure children understand instructions and do not feel lost or left behind.

Can I stay in the class with my child?

Parents of Les Tout-Petits stay in the class.
Other parents are always welcome to try a class with their child to get to know the teacher and their teaching style, and to ensure their child is confident in that environment. Nevertheless, we ask the parents to leave the classroom after one or two lessons. Let the magic of immersive language learning happen: the children will learn to speak differently and will grow to become more independent.

What do the children learn?

Conversation and practical French is the focus. Our curriculum is designed to enable dynamic and fun learning in a structured way.
Les Tout-Petits and Les Petits classes include a wide range of fun activities such as story time, singing, dancing, playing games, watching short films, doing craft and more. We want to ensure the children have fun whilst learning and absorb French in action through all their senses.

-Les Grands, Les Pré-Ados and Les Ados follow a set progression as defined by the book they are using in the class.

-Classes for Les Ados on Wednesdays complements the school curriculum. New and unique activities and resources are employed so that teens can put into practice what they have learnt at school. The classes are designed to help students work around their difficulties and extend their knowledge.

My child needs to improve their speaking skills. What can they do?

Any class will assist your child to achieve this. Please refer to our holiday and regular workshop program as we offer specialised classes that focus on specific skills such as speaking, pronunciation and grammar.

I want my child to become fluent in French. How long will this take?

It generally takes at least 400 hours of learning to become an independent speaker. This is a long journey which can be accelerated through increased exposure to French games, movies, magazines, audio CDs and other authentic content. Engaging with anything in French is a step in the right direction.

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