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Your previous selection: B1

B1 level is achieved in about 400 hours.

At this level, the user becomes independent. He/she can maintain interaction: he/she can understand and maintain a discussion and give his/her opinion. He/she is capable of dealing with situations likely to arise in daily life.

Only 1 course available for this selection

Les Pre-Ados

Product Code: 2020S1 Pre ADOS Upper I1 S10.40 2020

Age Group Les Pré-Ados - 12 to 14 years old
Type Kids and Teens - Standard Courses
Session 2020 - SESSION 1
Pace 2 hours per week over 8 weeks
Level Upper Intermediate 1
Schedules 08 Feb 2020 to 28 Mar 2020
  • Saturday - 10:40am to 12:40pm at AF Main Centre - West End > Room 1 (Rodolphe Coudre)

General French course for 12 to 14 year old with about 200/250 hours French (Y11-Y12 equivalent)
Text required: Adosphère 4 - Unit 1

Required Course Material
$29.00 AUD
Adosphère 4 Exercise book
$33.00 AUD
Adosphère 4 Method Book

Recommended Course Material
$345.00 AUD
Approx $225.98 USD

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