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Product Code: 2018T1E4WC 2018

Age Group Adults
Type Standard Courses - 10 weeks
Session 2018 - TERM 1
Duration 22.5 hours
Level Elementary 4

  • Ask for information about a service, ask for help
  • Explain a process
  • Express time and duration, express the purpose of something with pourTalk about accommodation, describe a house
  • Enquire about availabilities, indicate a duration
  • Express enthusiasm
  • Adjectives to describe featuresAsk/say how you feel, give health advices
  • How to ask precise questions, express admiration
  • Imperative of pronominal verbsAsk how to find your way, explain and talk about an itinerary
  • How to verify an understanding, to hesitate
  • Prepositions for means of transport
  • Use of prepositions in an itinerary Enquire about opening hours and prices for a visit, a tour
  • Express disappointment
  • Use ouvrir, fermer
  • Use of prepositions to indicate a durationTalk about holidays
  • Describe the place, the activities, the weather
  • How to criticise
  • Introduction of compound past
  • Use of imperfect to describe a past situation with c’était, il y avait, il faisait
From Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018 to Wednesday, 28 Mar 2018
  • Wednesday - 18:10 to 20:40 - Room 8
Required Course Material
$18.00 AUD

Ideal companion to enhance your learning in Elementary 3 or 4

$57.00 AUD
Interactions 2 Niveau A1.2 + (1DVD) (French Edition)

Recommended Course Material
$400.00 AUD
Approx $320.76 USD

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