The Macron phenomenon and Contemporary French political landscape

The Alliance Francaise de Brisbane in partnership with the French Embassy in Australia is proud to invite you to an exciting conference entitled "The Macron phenomenon and Contemporary French political landscape" led by professor Arnaud Mercier!


Context: This conference is part of a new series of conference debates called The French Australian Conversations (FAC), launched by the Embassy of France in Australia, in partnership with The Conversation website. The aim of this series is to initiate a dialogue between French and Australian academics on the major relevant topics of today.
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About the conference: As part of his Australian tour, The Alliance Française de Brisbane is delighted to welcome in Queensland French Professor Arnaud Mercier as this is a fantastic opportunity for Brisbanites to discover or better understand the current French political scene, including the much talked about new French President "Emmanuel Macron".

This conference aims to put into perspective the deep crisis of trust of French people with regards to politics in general and to the forces of government in particular, with the voters’ aspirations to what one of the candidates (Jean-Luc Mélenchon, extreme-left) called "dégagisme" ("get-outism"). This slogan is taken from the mantra of the Tunisian demonstrators during the "Arab Spring", which demanded the resignation of the dictator Ben Ali.

These aspirations of the French were strongly expressed during the last presidential elections, by abstention, by vote for populist forces or by voting for Macron.
Emmanuel Macron, who emerged on the political scene less than a year ago and has never previously been a candidate in an election, embodies an unprecedented form of protest voting while being a committed defender of the European Union and a culturally open society that is liberal in terms of morals.

In a climate of opinion at a European and even on an international scale (in which the domino theory seemed to predict a victory for the populists in the Netherlands, Austria and then in France after the victory of the Brexit campaign and Donald Trump); the victory of Macron appeared as a surprise and as a relief for the continuation of the project of European construction. Hence the enthusiasm that his victory has generated beyond the borders of France.
But what about the country?

This conference will therefore present the state of political disenchantment of French citizens, the motivations for the Macron vote, the sociological and ideological divisions of the country, and the partisan restructuring at work.


So join us for this not-to-be missed seminar
presented by Joe Hardwick!


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Arnaud Mercier
has a PhD in political science and is a Professor of information and political communication at the University Paris 2 - Assas.

He is President and Chairman of  the board of the website The Conversation France.

He conducts research on journalism, social media in electoral context and political communication.

He has recently published in codirection Political Campaigning on Twitter: the EU Elections 2014 in the digital public sphere, Peter Lang, 2016.



Joe Hardwick is a lecturer in French in the School of Languages and Cultures at the University of Queensland.

He is the current coordinator of French at UQ and is also a member of the board of the Alliance Française de Brisbane.

He teaches courses in French language, literature, cinema and in French and Francophone Cultural Studies.

He has a passionate interest in all of these areas, as well as in French, European and Australian politics.


Friday 1st September - 6.30pm

Alliance Française de Brisbane
262 Montague Road, 4101 West End

PRICE (including a glass of wine on arrival)

- $25 for AF members :   ORDER ONLINE

- $30 for non members:  ORDER ONLINE

- Introduction of Arnaud Mercier
- Conference
- Q&A with the audience






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