Want to learn about French Architecture in a fun & friendly environment while sipping a glass of fine French wine?
Then join our French Architecture Fridays!

Alliance Francaise de Brisbane teamed with associate professor Karine Dupré for the launch of this new series of conferences focused on contemporary French architecture.

Whether you already have some knowledge in architecture or just an interest in the area, these talks are sure to bring you something new!

Talks are in English including a glass of fine French wine.

Check out the program below & order your tickets online!

Price/session (including a glass of French wine): $25 for AF members / $30 for non members

Associate Professor Karine Dupré is a French architect and planner, currently Head of Griffith Architecture.

Prior to joining the Architecture program at Griffith, she taught and conducted research at the Strasbourg National Institute of Applied Sciences (France, 2006/2012) and at the Urban Planning & Design Institute of Tampere University of Technology (Finland, 2000/2005).  She mostly teaches urban planning theories and architecture design studio.  She is an expert on cities and tourism, urban development & sustainability, building heritage & identity.

Friday 12th May 2017 - 6.30pm
French Vertical Architecture

Vertical architecture has always been a target to reach, a symbol for power demonstration and technological advances. This tour de France of vertical architecture will present an overview of the contemporary architectural practices in France, which are not only demonstrating great imagination and audacity but also new trends for better community life and social cohesion.

Tickets for this session:
- $25 for AF members :    ORDER ONLINE
- $30 for non members:  ORDER ONLINE

Friday 4th August 2017 - 6.30pm
Innovative Public Space Design

We are experiencing public space daily, whether that be while catching the bus, crossing a main square or strolling down a pedestrian street. Yet, what are the features that are making this experience pleasurable and memorable? The tour de France of innovative public space design invites you to discover innovative public spaces in different French regions and to understand better why they have been prized.

Tickets for this session:
- $25 for AF members :   ORDER ONLINE
- $30 for non members:  ORDER ONLINE


Friday 6th October 2017 - 6.30pm
Contemporary Museum Architecture

With a long traditions of museums, France offers a wide variety of architecture style and response to the various collections and exhibits, that have been long known from the tourists. Yet contemporary museum architecture is offering new approaches not only in terms of design but also in terms of topics. This is specifically this relation between content and building that would be presented for this tour de France of contemporary museum architecture.

Tickets for this session:
- $25 for AF members :   ORDER ONLINE
- $30 for non members:  ORDER ONLINE

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    Louise B.

    I love everything about AF!  It's been so much fun I really look forward to my lesson each week. The teachers are fabulous, and it's a real community feel. The annual French Festival is très fabuleux too.

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    Learning at AF?
    It’s culturally immersing yourself in all things French – it’s like stepping inside a mini France when we’re there!

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    After 5 months at Alliance, I  know more than I did after 4 years of French at school. It's interesting and challenging. The teachers are very helpful and understanding. I really look forward to my weekly classes!

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    Alliance Francaise is a wonderful cultural organisation and my French teacher is great!

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    I look forward to each class and expect to continue. Friendly atmosphere and excellent methods of teaching and learning.

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    The classes are very practical and I enjoy the interesting subject matter!

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