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Product Code: 2017T2I3WC 2017

Age Group Adults
Type Standard Courses - Once a week
Session 2017 - TERM 2
Duration 25 hours
Level Intermediate 3

  • Newspapers and the media
  • Turn a verb into a noun
  • The passive form
  • Identify typical expressions of programs on TVCommunication and technologies
  • Express the intention with pour, pour que, afin de, afin que
  • Negation (ne …pas/plus/rien/jamais) and restriction (ne…que)
  • Identify feelings, moods
From Wednesday, 19 Apr 2017 to Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017
  • Wednesday - 18:10 to 20:40 - Room 5
Required Course Material
$18.00 AUD
Le Nouvel Edito B1 Exercise Book
$74.00 AUD
Le Nouvel Edito B1 Method

Recommended Course Material
$410.23 AUD
Approx $314.56 USD

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  • Testimonial
    Louise B.

    I love everything about AF!  It's been so much fun I really look forward to my lesson each week. The teachers are fabulous, and it's a real community feel. The annual French Festival is très fabuleux too.

  • Testimonial

    Learning at AF?
    It’s culturally immersing yourself in all things French – it’s like stepping inside a mini France when we’re there!

  • Testimonial

    After 5 months at Alliance, I  know more than I did after 4 years of French at school. It's interesting and challenging. The teachers are very helpful and understanding. I really look forward to my weekly classes!

  • Testimonial

    Alliance Francaise is a wonderful cultural organisation and my French teacher is great!

  • Testimonial

    I look forward to each class and expect to continue. Friendly atmosphere and excellent methods of teaching and learning.

  • Testimonial

    The classes are very practical and I enjoy the interesting subject matter!

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